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Peak performance, scalable web services

As a leading UK cloud hosting provider, we offer a hard to beat service for your business, including a team of hosting professionals providing 24/7 support. Our dedicated in-house server admins and website developers analyse load and performance as part of our hosting services. Business website hosting is important for the day to day smooth running and optimal performance giving your users a better experience.

High performance, scalable web solutions

We offer top performing, fast and scalable web hosting solutions using the latest tools and technologies. Working alongside global data centres, we boast true enterprise specification with mitigation built in at every level.

Our website hosting services ensures the highest levels of security, resilience and backups, coupled with routine vulnerability monitoring and disaster recovery. All of this ensures we can maintain accessible, fast and reliable websites for businesses of all sizes.

What is cloud hosting?

When cloud hosting is used, it means the resources of a number of servers are used, as opposed to just one physical server. This is a flexible, on-demand service offering the use of several servers and resources such as data storage.

At Coconut, we’re provide cloud hosting services in the UK. We recommend the hosting package to best suit you – tuning the perfect server stack for a high-performance website.

What is website hosting?

The definition of website hosting, is that of a service on the internet allowing websites to be reachable on the World Wide Web. Hosting providers offer these services for your website so that you essentially hire out the solutions you require, enabling your website to be hosted on the internet. It’s the digital equivalent of renting a shop or office space for your business to operate from.

By using website hosting services, your potential customers are then able to look up your company in their search engine and connect to your site via the server it’s hosted on.

What is a dedicated server?

A dedicated server is exactly as described, you have sole access to your own server that isn’t shared. One of these services is also often referred to as dedicated hosting or managed hosting.



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